Linko Solutions

We offer consulting services for ERP implementation and WEB services for eCommerce sites integration.

ERP E-commerce productivity

Our mission


We give small and medium businesses :

  • the ability to expand their market;
  • to increase their revenue;
  • to improve their operational efficiency.


By offering low cost Open Source platforms and associated services, allowing them to open new distribution channels and increase their visibility while optimizing their business processes.

Our vision

Leverage Open Source software’s low cost and potential for innovation in order to grant every small and medium business the resources they need to release their core business potential.

A team of experienced professionals


Located in Montreal, Linko Solutions was created by a group of business consultants coming from the business solution industry (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP, Web, eCommerce – online store, e-Marketing). It was founded on the observation that small and medium businesses have the same needs as large companies, and that these needs are not currently fulfilled by commercial solutions.



We provide exceptional services at a reasonable price.

Get the maximum from Open Source Software

We offer you business applications that are far more sophisticated and more comprehensive than the majority of known and appraised commercial applications.

Minimize your investment

Despite their incredible capabilities, Open Source applications are accessible for free or for a fraction of the cost of commercial software.

Get the maximum from our consulting services

Our experts combine dozens of years of experience in implementing business solutions, automating processes, and deploying eCommerce strategies.

Minimize your risk

We position ourselves as your partner by sharing the service burden with you. Our services are at a fixed price, no matter how long it takes to get your up and running. Therefore, there are no surprises; you will always implement your new application on budget.