Open Source ERP - Inventory - 03-05-2017
While Open Source solutions such as Linux, Firefox, MySql, or Java have long been of high reputation and are widely used, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications is more recent. ERP applications are strategic for companies. This explains why
Why invest in eCommerce? - 02-15-2017
Many companies are bombarded with menacing ads implying that investing in an eCommerce site is the only way to avoid a sure business death.  Unfounded threat or reality? Some answers can be found in eMarketer reports and the monthly eCommerce inde
Why invest in an ERP solution? - 02-15-2017
One of the major conclusions of a 2007 Aberdeen Research Report is that “invariably the most substantial reason for companies to implement ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is that without it, staying competitive is a practical impossibility"
A unique SaaS offer for Open ERP - 02-15-2017
Open ERP is coming with a SaaS offer that is quite unique. This information is relayed by "Cloud Computing Journal". See  below. Odoo - On Demand (SaaS) Offer from Open ERP — Open ERP has released its new service offer - Odoo, the On demand
Should Open Source eCommerce projects stay on MySQL? - 02-15-2017
Decision soon to be made by the European Antitrust commission is key to MySQL future. Critics are already saying that the Oracle's 10 pledges are not enough in terms of content and duration. If Oracle is allowed to go ahead with its bid to acq