We offer consulting services for ERP implementation and WEB services for eCommerce sites integration in Québec.


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Our Goal

Provide you with business software that could dynamise your operational efficiency, you with your business initiatives, and invite you to differentiate out of your competition in Québec.

Open Source software

We have selected Magento, a WEB eCommerce Software, and Odoo, an ERP Software, to treat the particular needs of Retailers, Wholesales, and Manufacturers.

We based our decision for their functional completeness, their flexibility, their evolutionary potential, their quality, and above all, their reliability.

ERP Google chrome

Open Source ERP Solution

With Odoo

With our Odoo implementation consulting services, we enable you to get the most out of this open source ERP to automate and integrate your profits, marketing, e-Commerce, customer relations, logistics, Operations, production and accounting


eCommerce Solutions

with Magento

We are Magento experts, which we use to produce e-Commerce websites especially for your company. We also offer search optimization services to raise your online sales opportunities.


About Linko solutions

Located in Montreal, Linko Solutions was made by a gang of business consultants coming from the business solution industry (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP, Web, eCommerce – web store, e-Marketing). It was founded about the observation that smaller than average and medium businesses have a similar needs as large companies, knowning that these needs will not be currently fulfilled by commercial solutions. We serve clients in Québec.

We are experts in :

  • ECommerce Solutions (MAGENTO)
  • Odoo the brand new OpenERP

Our mission


Give smaller than average and medium businesses the opportunity to expand their market, grow their revenue and grow their operational efficiency through providing low cost Open Source platforms and associated services, permitting them to open new distribution channels and boost their visibility while optimizing their business processes.

Our vision

Leverage Open Source software’s cheap and risk of innovation as a way to grant every small , medium business the resources they must release their core business potential.


Our Customers

    Our Customers are smaller than average medium-sized businesses (SMBs) within the following industries:
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

We use passionate people

Why choose us?

Get the absolute maximum from Open Source Software

We supply you with business applications which might be far more sophisticated plus much more comprehensive compared to the majority of known and appraised commercial applications.

Minimize your investment

Despite their incredible capabilities, Open Source applications can be found for free and for a fraction of the price tag on commercial software.

Get the ideal from our consulting services

Our experts combine a multitude of years of example of implementing business solutions, automating processes, and deploying eCommerce strategies.

Minimize your risk

WWe position ourselves as the partner by sharing the service burden along. Our services are near a fixed price, it doesn't matter how long it will require to get your operational. Therefore, there won't be surprises; you might always implement your application on budget.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
  • Sales;
  • Online Commerce (e-Commerce);
  • Logistics (Inventory Management and Warehouses);
  • Purchasing / Procurement;
  • Accounting / Finance;

38 $
Number of e-commerce transactions in billion in 2015

Canadians who made an internet purchase

Canadian retailers who don't have a website

Canadians plan to purchase for the Internet

Free consultation

We offer solutions which can be tailored for your requirements.

Want to trade online or automate your processes but you do not know how to start? Contact us and we will reply within 1 day.