Odoo the new OpenERP

Linko Solutions’ ERP offering is based on Odoo, formally OpenERP, an open source software that rejuvenates the Enterprise application business model, making it easier for companies like yours to get access to ERP systems at a low cost. With its flexibility, Odoo responds to multiple business needs.



Mise en place ODOO ERP

Odoo Implementation

With a properly implemented ERP System, you will experience significant improvements in operational efficiency, highlight hidden costs, re-enforce relationships with customers and suppliers. Linko Solutions grounds its Odoo implementation approach on a proven methodology along with experienced ERP consultants and strong industry knowledge.


Why Choose Odoo?

Typical commercial business software does not always deliver on their promises. When they are inexpensive, they lack key functionalities; otherwise they are simply cost prohibitive. We have taken the time to analyze the open source market to identify business software that would be capable of meeting the needs of small and medium sized companies.


ODOO CRM projects management