Open ERP more famous than NetSuite?

I just read a post on Open ERP web site claiming that they were becoming more famous than NetSuite according to Google Trends.

What an achievement for a company whose marketing bust must be 400 times tinier than NetSuite.

Just out of curiosity, I compared OpenERP with its peers. I think the graphic speaks by itself.

Add to that the latest statistics:

  • 20% growth in the number of leads every two months
  • 1,000 downloads of the auto-installer per day
  • One new module produced every open day (20 per month)

It seems that Open ERP is doing everything right:

  • The right object oriented technology allowing for easy add-ons development and integration.
  • The right business model: a true Open Source model and not that pseudo “commercial” thing

Is this the application to follow? The future will tell … maybe sooner than we think.


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