eCommerce SEO & Internet Marketing

Simply placing your eCommerce web site online won’t bring buyers. Being effective on the web requires being seen. Our Internet marketing services are here to promote your site and generate traffic for your shopping cart in order for you to increase your sales opportunities.

of online purchases originate from search engine traffic.

of online buyers use search engines to access new websites.

SEO ERP solutions

eCommerce SEO Organic Search Engine Optimization

Also called Natural Listing – this technique requires a good understanding of search engines. It aims at optimizing your eCommerce site content in order to increase your rank in search lists.

Our Internet marketing consultants help you optimize your content depending on your products, your target audience, and your business objectives.

eCommerce SEO Off-site optimization

An important component in Internet marketing is the strength of the links associated with the website, specifically links and/or text that originates from other relevant and legitimate websites, which point to your eCommerce web site. These links are discovered, qualified, and quantified by Google robots and are effectively used as a key metric when ranking a website.

At Linko Solutions, we build and implement off-site based Internet marketing strategies, making use of Social Media, directory sites, video sharing sites, content sharing sites, to dramatically increase links to your shopping cart.



eCommerce SEO Campaign

Also called Sponsored listings and known as Pay-Per-Click campaigns – This technique makes your site appear in a differentiated manner when your campaign criteria are met. You only pay when a customer clicks on the link to your online store.

Most Internet marketing companies will assist you in designing your campaigns and landing page and then try to drive visitors to your web store. Linko Solutions will help you optimize your design and content so that you achieve the highest impact possible. We are your online partners and will continuously monitor and adjust based on the results of your campaigns.

eCommerce SEO Promotions

Entice your customers to visit you more often with email campaigns and upcoming sales promotions. The key to a successful Internet marketing strategy is consistency, relevance, and timely delivery. Notify your customer base of upcoming sales promotions, new product introductions and be able to track individual interest based on click through statistics; allowing you to move away from mass marketing techniques and embrace more effective and lucrative targeted promotional campaigns.

Our Internet marketing consultants and graphic designers will help you create attractive and effective landing pages and email communications.

SEO ERP solutions