Solid growth for eCommerce in Quebec

The CEFRIO, has just published the last eCommerce index. Over one year, the number of eCommerce buyers has increased by 66% while eCommerce revenue has grown by 35% (reaching 233 million dollars). In november, 20% of Quebec adults have made a purchase on the Internet

It seems that more and more local businesses realize how far behind they are and are considering eCommerce in their business development strategy. This wake-up call is good for the Quebec economy as last year, only 7% of Quebec businesses where offering their products online, living one third of the eCommerce market to US based companies.

Businesses should not rush implementing any eCommerce technology because simply placing a store online won’t bring buyers. At Linko Solutions, we always include a solid Internet maketing strategy to any eCommerce project in order to also generate traffic to our customers’ store and increase their sales opportunities.


38 $
Number of e-commerce transactions in billion in 2015

Canadians who made an online purchase

Canadian retailers who do not have a website

Canadians intend to purchase on the Internet

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