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Your eCommerce web site is your window to the world. Overall, the customer experience must be flawless if you wish to close sales and satisfy your customers. In other terms, it should be easy for your potential customers to navigate through your catalog and the checkout process should be smooth and without hassle.

During the design of your shopping cart, you will benefit from our eCommerce professionals’ experience in these key areas:

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Our expertise


We install the eCommerce software on your servers (or hosted environment), we help you configure your Shopping Cart catalog, integrate with your Carrier for interactive pricing, and more importantly, we setup the link with your payment processing provider so that you can receive payments.


Unlike the vast majority of web agencies, we are not only ``Web Programmers``. With our business solutions experience we can actually help you to efficiently manage your sales order process wether you are using drop shipping suppliers or shipping from your own inventory.


We pay a special attention to your eCommerce site's graphic design in order to build (or conform to) your graphic identity. You will get a mockup for each key page of your site, home, product, categorie, etc. Once your decision is made on the graphic side, we will proceed with the graphic integration.


We will present you ways to navigate through your catalog base on best practices. We will adapt to your catalog organization, page to page navigation and more importantly your checkout page in order to optimize your eCommerce web site for optimum conversion.