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With a properly implemented ERP system, you will experience significant improvements in operational efficiency, highlight hidden costs, re-enforce relationships with customers and suppliers. This can only be achieved with proficiency in best business practices and a mastery of all implementation steps.

Linko Solutions grounds its Odoo implementation approach on a proven methodology along with experienced ERP consultants and strong industry knowledge.


Odoo – OpenERP Implementation Plan

During this stage, objectives, resource allocation (project team), and rough-cut planning are defined with the help of our project manager and your key stakeholders. Existing processes are analyzed, amended, completed and formalized with the assistance of our functional consultant who provides you with formalization tools.

Odoo – OpenERP Implementation Design

There we will understand your departments’ needs and unsure the ERP system will work the way you need it to. This stage’s deliverables are a set of documents describing how you plan on using OpenERP, the “to be” processes, and an operational manual defining how Odoo will run.

Odoo – OpenERP Implementation Build

During this stage, we build the target ERP system, we control its reliability, and we validate the relevance of the decisions we made during the design stage. Typical activities associated with this stage are configuration, customization, data migration, deployment planning, and update the documentation.

Odoo – OpenERP Implementation Test & Go-live

The objective here is to be up and running with the new ERP system. Typical activities associated with this phase are end user training, integrated tests based on your business processes, final data migration (static and dynamic), and go-live.