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Why Odoo the new OpenERP?

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Typical commercial ERP systems do not always deliver on their promises. When they are inexpensive, they lack key functionalities; otherwise they are simply cost prohibitive. We have taken the time to analyze the open source market to identify ERP systems that would be capable of meeting the needs of small and medium sized companies. We have evaluated numerous open source solutions based on the following criteria:

  • Notoriety : Is the project praised and supported by a maximum number of professionals and users?
  • Functional Scope – Is it more capable of meeting your needs than its affordable commercial counterparts?
  • Flexibility – Can it easily adapt with your business needs?
  • Evolutionary Potential (Resources) – What is their development speed? What is the size of the community behind them?
  • Technology – Is it object oriented, allowing for fast development and easy integration of new modules?
  • Community – Does it have an active community that helps grow the software with contributions as diverse as new feature development, documentation, bug reporting and correction? Is the forum active enough in order to give you the support you need?

OpenERP criteria

Source: White Paper from Smile (the company)

We have selected Odoo the new OpenERP because it excelled at these criteria while addressing the particular needs of retailers, wholesalers, service companies, and manufacturers

  • Odoo Notoriety

    With 1,000 downloads per day and a high level of searches on the Internet Odoo is by far the most popular Open Source ERP project (see Google Trends chart)

  • Odoo Functional Scope

    With thousands of modules made available by Odoo developers as well as the community, the solution is very comprehensive and likely to meet your needs.

  • OpenERP Flexibility

    Odoo is a real modular solution, giving you the ability to only deploy the features you need and only when you need them.

  • Odoo Evolution Potential

    With more than 1,000 developers (Odoo and community included) and more than 1,000 modules, the solution is evolving very rapidly.

  • Odoo Technology

    OpenERP is fully web based and provides an object oriented environment that makes it easy to add new modules, whether they are developed by OpenERP, by the community, by our team of professionals or even by you.

  • Odoo Community

    A large and active community with over 5,000 members contributing to the forum (30,000 topics, 100,000 posts) and to the development of the application.

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